2012-11-16 21.22.22

Image: Me (short, fat, long dark hair, glasses) wearing a white dress with big black polka dots

Dress: Primark
Boots: Clarks*

For the uninitiated, VBO stands for Visible Belly Outline. It started out as a joke on tumblr about making it a fashion accessory, and it’s snowballed from there! I bought this dress from Primark, which go to a 20, knowing it probably wouldn’t disguise my belly. I just wanted to try. But even though it was ridiculously tight, I kinda… liked it? I showed a few people, and they liked it too.

The thing is, as much as I’m a cheerleader for people who break fashion rules, and I think I’ve never been confident enough to do so myself. Even now I find myself apologising for people’s view before even realising what I’ve said. It’s just automatic.

But as scary as going out in the big, bad world is, there are pockets where it is a little bit safer. So I changed into this dress in the loos (was too scared to at the east end pub I went to beforehand) at Unskinny Bop and danced the night away alongside some of my best friends and lovely bloggers, and it was fab!

2012-11-16 21.23.12

Image: me (as before) only this time I have my hand on my hip.

I don’t know whether this dress will have a second outing, but I’m glad I wore it. As it turns out, I got tons of compliments!

Thanks Isha for the pictures! Also, I really need to take my camera everywhere instead of replying on my crappy iPhone camera. Gah!

  • Rachel

    I love it you look great xx

  • http://extrafunsized.tumblr.com/ ariel

    This is so epic. I love this dress on you. and these pictures!

  • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.wo Elizabeth O’Brien

    you look amazing!!!

  • Christine Cutt

    You look amazing! I love that dress. I can never find good things in Primark.


  • thecuteinexecute

    That is a marvellous VBO. I’m so jealous that we don’t have Primark.

  • MammaMoon

    you look totally gorgeous! ^^v


  • Louise P.

    That dress looks fabulous on you!

  • Malene

    That dress is beautiful – and so are you!


  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.jadaa Michelle Jadaa

    VBO…i love it!

  • Letilor

    You look amazing with this dress !

  • http://twitter.com/gemdeg Gemma Duignan

    You look amazing! The dress fits you perfectly, I’m such a sucker for the peplum trend. I need to get my VBO out more! xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erin-Thomas/39001019 Erin Thomas

    you are just the CUTEST!

  • http://theshoegirldiaries.blogspot.com/ Pink Haired Princess

    VBO, love the saying! I could never do it myself, my tummy is the one thing I try to disguise (because when I put on weight years ago, the whole rounded belly thing was completely new to me unlike the bum/boobs which have always been big even when I was skinny)!

  • http://www.feelingstylish.co.uk/ Jess Shanahan

    You look amazing. I have rocked the VBO in the past but I felt uncomfortable about it the whole while.

  • http://jenvenegas.com/blog Jen Venegas

    I love it. I understand the apprehension and I think it’s a good step to wear it in front of allies and supporters! I hope you can draw on that awesomeness and wear it again!

  • http://sortlifeoutbuymilk.blogspot.co.uk/ Sian Morgan

    You look beautiful! To be honest, I haven’t done the vbo thing in public. Maybe I should put it on my bravery to do list. :)

    Also, now I’m a little obsessed with this dress. Not often you see the black dots on the white background. Plus peplum!

  • http://twitter.com/RachelElanaB Rachel Bloom

    I love, love, love this dress. Scratch that, I love, love, love YOU in the dress.

    I’m so sad that I missed meeting you – and unskinny Bop, ugh. Back home and I’m still sick, it’s been a freaking week at this point. Double ugh.

  • Lillian Low

    You look absolutely amazing. The dress MUST get a second outing because it is fabulous!