2012-11-08 13.16.14

Dress: Ax Paris*
Boots: Clarks*
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins

Hello lovelies! This is a super duper quick post from me today. The sweethearts at Ax Paris gave me this dress to review and I thought I’d wear it to the Evenden press day today – along with a very awkward smile! I’m really happy with it, it’s comfortable and looks like I made a real effort, even if I didn’t. In in ideal world it’d be a few inches shorter and above the knee, but in a way a more modest length is nice – I’m never worrying about it riding up my bum! My hair actually obscures the PU collar, but I was too hot at the time so had unbuttoned it. D’oh.

What do you think, peeps?

  • Christine Cutt

    I keep spying on the Curve stuff and I must say it looks much nicer on you than on the stock photos, the material looks much nicer too :)


  • Louise P.

    Gorgeous dress! You look lovely in it xx

  • http://wolfwhistle.org/ Amy

    Definitely properly into this – I personally LOVE the length on you! Would like to see it with the collar buttoned, too. You’re gorgeous, lady.

  • anita

    i really like it, and i think the length is really nice too, it would be nice shorter too but i like the lenght it gives it a vintage touch. you look great in it!


  • kickine

    i really love this! hows the fit? true to size? run small/big