Clarks boots

A shot of my new ankle length chelsea boots. I’m in the middle of a messy bedroom – sorry!

Shoes: Clarks*

So after the dress of my dreams come the boots: a small heel, mock suede chelseas. I first spied these on my friend Carmen and eagerly questioned her where they were from. Imagine my shock when she said Clarks! I know that Clarks have been more style-conscious of late, but I’d always found them out of my budget so never really looked.

I’d planned on getting myself a pair when I got paid (and back from holiday!), but as luck would have it I was contacted by the lovely people at MyVoucherCodes asking if I wanted to review a pair. I don’t talk about how I use them but I’ve used the site for a long time – there’s always an amazing bargain to be had on there when it comes to clothes so it’s always worth checking it out before you buy something in case there’s a discount on there. Obviously, I couldn’t say no. And I tell you what, they are glorious!

Clarks boots

Same mess, same boots – now with added blur!

I got a size 61/2E and they fit like a dream. The shoes are £59.99, but at the moment you can get them for 20% off with one of the Clarks discount codes – £12 in this case, making them under 50 quid. And the thing with Clarks is, you know they’re great quality and will last. So expect to see them very often over the winter!

Oh I have to say – they’re also available in zebra print. I think I might have to go there…

  • Sarah Jones Geer

    I have Clarks chelsea boots in brown- love them to death.

  • Rosemary Waugh

    Clarks are so unbeliveably comfortable, love this style too. Awesome tights as well!

  • Sara Hook

    See, knew you had impecable taste…I’ve been banging on for ages about how fab Clarks are…I normally take great delight in going ‘oh, these? They’re from Clarks.’ when wearing shoes from there. They’ve definitely upped their game lately, I think, whilst still making shoes that are ridiculously comfortable. Your legs and feet look lovely in these gorgeous boots!

  • kittehinfurs

    Oh I must know, where are your tights from? I’ve been looking for heart print tights in fat sizes for YEARS now!

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