Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well? Unfortunately I’ve not been very well the past few weeks, so my sporadic posting has continued. BUT! If all goes well, you’ll have not one, not two, but THREE posts from me this week! Aren’t you lucky… ahem. Anyway. Guess what? I’m only bloody WEARING CLOTHES!


Me wearing a white sleeveless peplum top, a comic print knee length skirt and a bright neon yellow satchel with gigantic black boots. And a scowl on my face. Could I BE any more miserable?

Top: Just Curvy*
Skirt: Primark
Litas: Zalando*
Satchel: Simply Be*
Batman ring: Claire’s

To illustrate just how crap I am at working with brands, let me tell you a filthy secret: I got these Lita boots in March. MARCH. That’s when I was given a voucher to get myself something nice from the website, which had just launched in the UK from Germany. And instead of getting myself something nice from their plus size collection, I decided to indulge myself and blow it on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. The idea was that once I’d worn them in, I could wear them to gigs and be able to see the bands since they would make me normal-person-height. Alas, it’s been months and despite the instep being fine, the material hasn’t yet give so after 10 mins I’m desperate to take them off.

One day.

Similarly with Just Curvy – this top has been in my posession for a while now, although I did at least have the foresight to let them know how slack I updating and invited them to send me reminders. And they haven’t gone unnoted! Just Curvy are a new brand that has popped up recently – it’s been really nice to see all these boutiques being launched. Their selection is similar to AX Paris, Lovedrobe etc although they have a few individual pieces like this peplum top. I really like it, and I’m actually about to buy a black version as well. The only issue I have is that it’s quite seethrough, as you can see from the photo. But other than that I love it!

My satchel is a little worn now – this wasn’t given for a review, I was able to take my accessories from the Simply Be blogger takeover shoot home with me. But it’s served me well and I love the attention I get from it. The amount of people who think I’m sporting a genuine Cambridge is hilarious. Don’t they know I’m a massive cheapskate?

Also, this picture should answer the question, “who takes your blog photos?” quite nicely. Ha!

  • Hollie B

    I have just clicked how you take your pics! Genius idea! Love the outfit. I am popping over to just curvy now.-)


  • Caitlin Regan

    I hope you feel better soon!
    Thanks for sharing Just Curvy! I love seeing more and more plus size friendly websites.


  • http://polkaspotsandfreckledots.blogspot.co.uk/ Louise P.

    Love this outfit- it’s all so perfect together. I can’t believe the satchel isn’t a Zatchels or Cambridge! It looks identical in design to my new Zatchels satchel!! (Except mine’s red). I have some exploring on Simply Be to do… xx

  • Callie

    You look shit hot Lauren! I have this skirt! Still haven’t worn it! You inspired me. Love it all xxx

  • Felicity Hart

    I absolutely love this outfit on you :) You look fantastic (I need to get out of my comfort zone from wearing dresses all the time and you’re inspiration to do it!) xx

  • Theplussideofme

    Love this outfit! Had to laugh at the photographer bit. My photographer looks scarily similar :)

  • Kelly Lindsay

    I love that bag!

  • MaggieSnarkface

    Hey, I like you! Why haven’t I seen you until now?