Hi everyone! Just a word of warning: as I write this you have less than an hour until I close entries for my Bijou Bijoux giveaway so get cracking if you want to enter!

Also, I’m up for blog of the month at British Style Bloggers – please vote for me? I’m way, way behind, oh dear.

As you may have noticed I’ve not been posting many outfit photos recently. A lot of it is due to the fact most of my winter clothes are about three years old and falling apart, and seriously, who wants to see that? I’ve not been buying any clothes (apart from tights, which I manage to rip within 10 mins of opening) due to lack of money so my daily outfits have all been worn to death and just don’t feel interesting enough to put on the blog!

Here is one outfit featuring Actual New clothes though, and I think is quite quietly smart.

Grey jumper: TU at Sainsbury’s
Black faux fur jacket: Yours (gifted)
Black ‘bandage’ skirt: Yours
Shoe boots: New Look

What’s basically tied me over this season is gifts, which I feel terrible admitting, but there it is. This outfit features two: one from Yours Clothing, a short black fake fur jacket, and a jumper which was bought for me by my mum.

Because my mum works at Sainsbury’s she gets a staff discount, including on their clothes. I find their line a little mumsy usually, but occasionally they have a few gems here and there. This jumper was one of them. It’s also available in red, I believe. It happened to be in the sale for about £8, so she bought it for me. It’s actually a knitted dress, and comes past my knees! However, I’m not mentally comfortable in knit dresses, because I don’t feel my shape really works with knits. But wearing it tucked into a skirt is great.

The Yours skirt I bought back in the summer (when I still had money!) and it was the last in store – otherwise I’d have bought 10. They’re the perfect length on me and so comfortable. I practically live in mine! Funnily enough I had another cropped, black, fake fur jacket by Yours many years ago, which I think I lost or chucked out and have mourned ever since. I was offered something by them and took the chance to fill my black fake fur void. It’s a lovely jacket – I look Michellin-Man like but I don’t care! It keeps me so warm.

I also received my presents from Nefertiti as part of Fashionable Santa this week!


I got a packet of chocolate biscuits, a chocolate coloured bag – although I’m not sure whether it’s a shoulder bag, or a bum bag/fanny pack? – which is very handy since my last bag is on death’s door! My favourite is definitely the “fashionista” necklace pictured below (and check out my crappy DIY half moon nails, too):


Thanks, Nefertiti! As for my presents, because of dealing with all the fraud stuff I haven’t bought mine – but they’ll be on their way very soon, I promise!

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  • http://theplussideofme.wordpress.com ThePlusSideofMe

    That sweater is cute! I have the opposite problem. I have TONS of winter clothes, but once it hits late spring/summer I run out of options. I really like the little garden spot too :). I love English gardens. I live in suburbia in the US, so it’s just not as unique.

  • http://fattyunbound.blogspot.com Kirsty

    You look really cute!
    Also, tights-wise, I constantly have the same dilemma! But I got some M&S tights the other day, and discovered that their largest size is much more generous than they suggest, and also capable of lasting beyond two wears (none of mine have had a hole yet!). So I’d recommend them :)

  • http://www.pretty-in-plus.com/ Beth

    You’re not that behind, come on people – vote for Lauren!

    I’m right with you on the no new clothes thing, my only shopping since September has been one trip to a thrift store to get some jumpers. Speaking of which – I’m totally in love with that grey jumper of yours, gorgeous shoulder details :)

  • http://letempledeladeessenilunoah.blogspot.com/ Nefertiti

    I am very glad that you are accepted my parcel and that you like it on the site, the shoulder bag was door, if that little T helps

    I wish you a Merry Christmas from me and my children’s with a little advance.


  • http://wolfwhistle.org Amy

    I LOVE THAT BUM BAG. Oh god, I love bum bags so hard.

    I voted for you… but sorry: I think BSB is crapola.

  • Lauren

    Audrey: No problem, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve confirmed it is a shoulder bag! :D Hope you and the children have a wonderful Christmas.

    Kirsty – I LOOOOOOVE M&S tights too! I bought a pink pair and purple pair a couple of years ago which are still as good as new (after washing, of course). I really loved your fat histories post – I will comment but it’ll be like an essay, I swear, haha.

    Beth – it’s so frustrating isn’t it? I just want to be warm!

    PSOM – Ah, I was like it this summer but thankfully had enough money to invest in some lovely sundresses which will fare well for next year. Oh bless you, not sure what the massive pink bucket is doing there, but my parents are very into their gardening. Bless ’em. Glad you like!

  • http://www.crumbsfordinner.com grania @ crumbs for dinner

    that sweater is gorgeous! i have two that are very similar – one that i bought in france for a measly €14! loving studded shoulders at the moment.

  • http://www.fat-aus.com bronny

    you look so cute! i really like the detail on the shoulders

  • http://blogtobealive.com Val – Blog to be Alive

    Yay! Another Secret Santa package has arrived! lol So glad it’s going smoothly for the moment. I’ll put the pictures up on the blog this weekend.

    I really like your outfit. Black skirt/top is basically my uniform for Winter.

  • Democracyoffashion

    love the detailing on your jumper!!!