skater dress

Dress: Simply Be
Jacket: (review here)
Belt: Evans
Rings: Domino Dollhouse
Boots: Evans
Necklace: Accessorize (from a 2011 press day)
Glasses: Courtesy of Glasses Direct

Hello my lovelies! Hope you had a good weekend. Just a quick outfit post from me featuring my new favourite dress. I’m a real weakling for skater dresses, and I’d been hankering after something minty for ages – yes, I love spring/summer’s pastels, so sue me – and this dress fit the bill perfectly.

skater dress

Initially I worried whether I would wear this biker jacket much once I reviewed it, but actually it’s become one of my most worn items. I love it! Even my mum tried it on and she looks amazing in it – just wish she’d have let me take a photo!

  • theplussideofme

    ooh! So cute! I love the dress color with the belt. I have a similar leather jacket with shoulder quilting. I’m in love with it! You prove it’s very versatile.

    • Lauren

      It really is! I love the shoulder quilting actually, one of my fave things about it. Can’t wait to see yours on the blog more :) x

  • Katrin

    Wearing two rings at a time, like a boss.

    Looks adorable!

  • Meryl T

    SO NICE.

    Biker jackets + pastels look good on all people and probably some animals and plants, too.

    • Lauren


  • Nicole

    Cute! I’m a sucker for skater dresses too. Trying hard to not buy them up in every color… but I will resist!

    I LOVE that belt. The colors work perfectly with the minty green! The jacket brings just the right amount of edge to the outfit. I have a faux biker jacket from Evans, but I don’t wear it that often. Bought it when I couldn’t get my mitts on the BD cropped jacket, but it just isn’t the same.

    • Lauren

      No? That’s a shame. The cropped BD jacket was something we all should have been obligated to get, haha! So many of us seem to regret not getting it, alas. x

  • Claire Marchant-Williams

    Looking foxy Miss Ding! I LIKE it and the dress isn’t one I’ve seen before.

  • Blog to be Alive

    Cute outfit but I am really in love with the rings! Just love anything heart shapped! I find it so hard to find nice biker jacket in plus size. I finally got one from Ellos today and it’s nice but not completely what I was looking for. Might post about that… lol

    • Lauren

      Yeah, I think biker jackets are one of the most difficult things to buy! My favourite ever ones are from All Saints, but obviously I’m too fat and too poor for one of those. Haha. x

  • Honeysuckelle

    You look fabulous, I also adore the spring/summer pastels right now. I know for a fact that I was following your blog but today I looked at my list and didn’t see you there. I don’t think one can go wrong with a good biker jacket, that reminds me that I really need to buy one, I have one but it is a little too bulky.


  • charliedoull

    This is such a cute outfit! Love the jacket on you :) xx

  • cartoonfatshion

    how did i miss this post? :( those rings are so niiiice

  • Sara Hook

    Oh, I can’t tell you how much I love this outfit! The colours are to die for, and I seriously want that dress! You look so great, one of your best outfits yet!

    I’m seriously jealous of your biker jacket….I own a couple but they’re all round-collared, whereas I want a proper one. Amaze all over.