I just can’t bring myself to write up fully about the day. It’s been over a week now, and on top of tying up loose ends and working 12 hour days, I just don’t have the brain capacity to do it justice. But at the same time I won’t be able to make another post on here if I don’t talk about it. So I’ll keep it brief, and I better get the negative stuff out the way first. I’ll keep it to its own post, so it’s out there, out of the way, and then I can concentrate on the positives, of which there were many!

There’s been some talk about this so I have to clear things up: Evans and Style369 didn’t sponsor the event – but please, please don’t bitch about it. It was 100% my fault that it didn’t happen. Both brands had no option but to pull out of their sponsorship after I made derogatory comments about Philip Green on twitter. They were planning to be much more involved and looked forward to meeting everyone, however it was due to my motormouth and lack of thought, when I know if I’d gone straight to them with my concerns they’d have answered me. But I didn’t, and as the biggest orchestrator of the meet up they just couldn’t be seen to endorse my views, and I absolutely accept that. I guess I’ve learned that when you have a platform, no matter how small, you don’t have the luxury of shooting your mouth off without consequences, and I’m just so sorry that because of me everyone else missed out.

As a side note, I feel like a hypocrite for getting in trouble complaining about store closures when the company I work for, Yours, are also closing shops around the country – and I am not at all happy about that, either. I suppose the difference is I’ve been able to tell Andrew (owner of Yours) face to face why I feel so strongly that it’s wrong, whereas I just resorted to the internet for other companies I don’t work for. I’m not going to lie, the drama did put a dampener on the event and has made me question whether I want to keep blogging in a personal capacity, especially now that I’ve been “bought”. I’m still not sure what my final answer is. But anyway. I am sorry. I think Evans/Style369 will be creating events of their own to get bloggers involved, so hopefully it won’t be too much of an opportunity that I ruined.

  • http://Twitter.com/msrachie Rachie

    Aw Lauren, please stop beating yourself up about it. It really doesn’t matter and from a personal point of view, I was quite glad that the evens wasn’t there, as it gave the other brands showcased a better platform and felt more of an event to celebrate the future of fatshion and fatshion brands.

    Besides, i had a fair few conversations with people on the night who were concerned about the lazy attitude of evans. I was shocked for example, to learn of how few stores actually received the Beth ditto collection. Marble arch is my local branch, so i just took it for granted that it had been introduced nationwide.

    It was a great day. It was the biggest event of its kind in this country (to my knowledge, at least). It drew an international audience. Not bad for a first go!

  • http://polkadotrainbows.wordpress.com Liz

    Please don’t worry about this – it didn’t make any difference on the night as everyone had a great time! I mean, it introduced me to Carmakoma – I have browsed the website before but have never had a chance to have a look at their clothes up close. I feel that it was nice to have a party that wasn’t completely centred around a big Philip Green brand (even if I love dorothy perkins et al), because it gave it more of a relaxed and indie feel, if that makes sense? I’m going to be honest here – I love some of the stuff Evans have been doing recently (but to be honest, they could do better), but I think it reflects poorly on them that they can’t take constructive criticism. We are their customers, and so are you! I know you were organising an event where they were one of the sponsors, but everyone has their right to an opinion. It’s one of the things I love about your blog and your writing – you’re not afraid to say what you feel/think. Don’t feel silenced if you don’t agree with something!

    I had a great time, and so did everyone else. It was wonderful to meet so many strong and interesting women :) xxx

  • martinp23

    I didn’t realise!! I would NOT have bothered meeting at their store if I was you guys…and certainly would not have spent money there on the day! So Evans didn’t want to support the day…A$$holes!! Sorry, but I hate 95% of their clothes and brining out a beth ditto collection once a year means F all to me! I’d shop Yours and Torrid anyday!! xx

  • Courtney

    I just want to say I was very impressed that the idea for Plus London actually turned into an event. I live in the US, so I have been sort of watching from the sidelines, but it is wonderful to see what you all have accomplished. I think that this post of yours shows that you are very mature, and a real person. It takes a lot to admit our mistakes and apologize. It seems to me that your event turned out amazing to the point where you didn’t need Evans or Style369. Don’t dwell on what could have been, because what you did accomplish was AWESOME!

  • Mel

    Philip Green is a tax avoider, good on you for saying something. Don’t allow yourself to be silenced just because he makes clothes for fat people, we shouldn’t have to feel ‘greatful’ and pander to their brand. The clothes are horribly frumpy and overpriced anyway, I made the decision to boycott all Arcadia stores after getting involved in the UKUncut campaigns and learning the true extent of how this billionaire gets away with sending millions of pounds untaxed to his wife. Its immoral and wrong and I will not be supporting any company who does that.

  • zippadeedoodah

    hello, i’ve been a longtime lurker on your site and regularly check in to get a dose of inspiration. you have no idea what a boost it is to see NORMAL people in nice clothes – it makes the whole concept of fashion so much more accessible, inclusive and enjoyable. ANYWHOO just came across this post and i have to agree with the ladies above, particularly courtney – your HONESTY and HUMILITY is both astonishing and beautiful. WELL DONE YOU. i really really love the warm and friendly tone of your blogs and the REALNESS both in terms of your photos and your general (lovely) personality and i thought it was high time i let you know