Hey everyone! I’m not sure if you’ve seen on twitter or facebook, but I am organising a blogger meet up in London on February 5th, WOOP. It was going to be a low key runner up to the original meet but actually, I kinda want to go all out now.

At the moment we have a rough plan in place – a spot of shopping, followed by a posh lunch and finally a cocktail party. Some of my favourite bloggers have already confirmed that they’re coming like Val and Anika, and hopefully bloggers like Alegra and Katrin can also make it!

You can RSVP on Facebook here. I was also halfway through setting up a tumblr for it for more details of what’s happening, who’s involved, etc but then tumblr died. But if it comes back, here’s the link: pluslondon.tumblr.com

Just a couple of points I want to make:

  • This is an open event so everyone is welcome (well, apart from maybe creepy dudes, fat fetishists and diet evangelicals)
  • Although it’s geared towards plus size fashion in terms of sponsorship etc, you don’t have to be “plus sized” to come! The more the merrier, fat, thin & inbetween!
  • Nor do you have to be a blogger – if you love fashion and shopping and fancy hanging out with the likes of me (god knows why), come along!

I really hope you can make it, and of course there’ll be more info in the weeks ahead. I’m SO excited to meet everyone.

If any lovely companies would like to get involved with the event via sponsorship or other options, please get in touch via email.


  • http://www.pretty-in-plus.com/ Beth

    Sounds so exciting! I’ll be on the wrong continent as far as I know, but if that changes I’ll be sure to tag along!

  • http://curiousfancy.com kittehinfurs

    Haha, I’m already hyperventilating about what to wear! Mostly because I have sacrificed fashion for survival now, and all I wear these days is what one of my housemates has dubbed ‘the Eskimo coat’, wellies and boot tractions! Meep!

  • http://ulrikahblog.blogspot.com/ Ulrika

    Would have loved to come, but will be in Finland then. Will definitely come for the next one though!

  • http://thestate-iamin.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    Awww, sounds like so much fun! I wish I could make it but I’ll be stuck in Canada at uni, boo. Have the next one during May-September ;) I hope everyone has so much fun!

  • http://fattyunbound.blogspot.com Kirsty

    I’m gonna try and come, as long as my social ineptitude does not hold me back! :)

  • Lauren

    Beth, Ulrika, Elizabeth – that’s really sad but understandable. If you find yourselves in London, hit us up! ;) x


    Kirsty: I was hoping you’d come, I think you’re amazing and want to meet you! xx

  • http://www.sarahdobbs.com Sarah

    This sounds incredible, Lauren. I’m definitely in for cocktails, as well as anything else I can!

  • http://www.sarahdobbs.com Sarah

    … Whoa, that “recently posted” link is odd. Never seen it before!

  • Rachie

    Eeee!! Thisnis very exciting although I have severe wardrobe anxiety already. I’ll be watching wi interest for more details.

  • http://triedandtested-x.blogspot.com Sophie

    You know im there biatch ;)Cant wait, yippeeeee! :D
    If you need any help my darling you know where I am :) xxx

  • http://sharonabaaron.blogspot.com/ Sharona

    Oh, how I wish I could come! I doubt I will be able to travel to London again before June.. Hopefully there will be another one in a few months.

  • http://www.curvaliciousfashion.blogspot.com Donna Sturge

    Woohoo.. count me in hun :-) I love a good get together me :-)
    Gives me plenty of time to sort a hotel etc… and most importantly A BABYSITTER lol xxx

  • http://fashionchampagne.com kirsty

    that is such a fabulous idea xxxx

  • http://roundraglanroad.blogspot.com/ alison

    Even though I can’t attend (live in Canada, for a start!), I just wanted to comment and say how awesome this event sounds – I’m not sure how much response we’d have here (in Toronto), but it’s nice to see that fatshion bloggers are pulling together! I’m also very impressed/chuffed that you’re including everyone – I’ve seen other, invitation-only blogger meetups that seemed a little exclusive!

    Have fun!!

  • Lauren

    Allison, I know of a few Canadian fashion bloggers, like Beth (Pretty in Plus) and Bonjour Gazel – perhaps get in touch with them? I would feel terrible leaving people out!

    Sharona – Hopefully if I manage to pull this off, it’ll be the first of many!

    Rachie – yay! Don’t feel anxious, all the bloggers I’ve met so far are adorable and friendly so don’t worry about that!

    Sarah – it’ll be awesome to FINALLY meet you in person! I’ve had the CommentLuv app for a while now, I think it’s a great idea :)

  • http://sallyre.blogspot.com Sally

    I only just found plus fashion bloggers through Yours clothing’s Lauren…..and I missed it! BOOOOooooo! Is there a mailing list I can get on for next year?