Image: a collage of typical ugly fashions offered in plus sizes, with a big red no sign over them all.

In the two and a half years since starting this blog I’ve seen some welcome changes in plus size fashion, but for the most part while the marketing aspects have evolved, the clothes, frankly… haven’t. But it’s 2012 now – lets look to the future!

At some point last year I asked on my facebook page what kinds of things that are routinely offered in the stores we shop in would we like to see banished, FOREVER. There was some hilarious comments and I’ve wanted to put them on the blog for a while now.

Please, no more…

  • garish patterned kaftans
  • bejewelled, off shoulder t-shirts with a dodgy graphic print
  • hanky hems
  • orthopaedic shoes
  • tunics that are way too dressy to be a top but too short to wear as a dress,
  • crops (especially if they have diamantés)
  • baby doll cut tops
  • cheap crinkle fabric shirts
  • tops with massive round necks
  • short tops cut at the belly
  • weird granny style patterns
  • tops with no arms
  • low rise pants
  • Jeans with diamante/sequins
  • three quarter length sleeves on EVERYTHING
  • cheap materials that bobble
  • jeans cut just for apples not pears
  • badly fitted workwear in cheap fabrics
  • t-shirts with elastic round the bottom
  • bubble hems
  • large print – to “make you look smaller”
  • polyester
  • tunics which cut you across the top of your boobs
  • trousers which assume just coz you have fat belly your hips & thighs are just as fat.
  • cropped jeans
  • anything with sparkly crap on it
  • butterflies
  • cropped wide linen trousers
  • cropped combat trousers
  • the endless supply of checked shirts
  • long skirts with bad prints
  • shiny polyester work trousers
  • rubbish t-shirts with sequins
  • bad jeans with sequins
  • tops that have a v-neck and empire waist seams that bisect the boobs for some inexplicable purpose, and are always made from some sort of cheap polyester or rayon and include ridiculous flared sleeves or even worse, PIRATE SLEEVES!!!! They’re almost always some garish print and often include rhinestones. (This was too good not to include in full)
  • transparent tunics with tank tops underneath
  • tacky buttons
  • neon seams
  • huge shapeless stuff that can’t be saved with a belt
  • awful gigantic flower prints
  • pockets in the worst places
  • tops too wide but too short
  • sad adaptations of the regular sized collection

What do you think? Anything you want to add, leave a comment! I can’t wait to read them, haha. (Also I hope it goes without saying this is personal preference – some people love these tops, for example, I love babydolls. It’s more about plus size places sticking to these basics that actually look pretty awful.)

  • Mhairi

    Think I agree with all of the above :)

  • Kathryn Kaupa

    Pencil Skirts. I know some like them, but what about A line to make it a level playing field? Also, don’t forget MIDI length. Maxi – Mini – there are lengths in between!
    K x

    • Lauren

      HOW DARE YOU I live in pencil skirts! Hahaha. I see what you mean though – not nearly enough variety. x


    I used to work in a well known plus size shop and it’s sad to say that 70% of the things they stocked just clearly weren’t designed with fashion in mind at all. Their Christmas party stuff in particular wouldn’t have looked good on any size. It’s like they just couldn’t bothered.

    Here’s hoping plus size continues to improve! x

    • Lauren

      That’s so rubbish :(

  • Fubsy Iron

    I hate that (in german Plus Size shops) everything is too long. Those should-be-a-tunic-but-it’s-almost-a-dress is as horrible as supposed-to-be-a-mini-dress-but-it’s-actually-midi! I always feel as they wouldn’t want me to be sexy.

  • Amy Simon

    NO more playsuits with horrible belt tie type things that do up at the back. YES ASOS I’M LOOKING AT YOU! x

  • theplussideofme

    I’m tired of “young” clothes just being club wear! What about those of us who want to dress our age but don’t care to wear rhinestoned tube tops and halter tops every day?! Torrid is the worst about this.

    • Gazel

      Seriously I am sick of the club wear. :C Not all of us go to a club! (I have no life obviously)

      • Lauren

        Mate, co-signed. Although I just bought a ridiculous 5 shade of pink sequen boobtube dress from forever21 so I can’t talk, really.

    • Hannah Donegan

      Bless! I work in an office and I’m not a church lady and do not care to dress like one.

  • Lois

    I am usually hugely offended by most of New Look’s hideous offerings, but I’ve just browsed their website and they seem to have cleaned up their act a little. Their most recent monstrosities that come to mid were a bright blue gypsy top (hello, this is not 1994) and a bright blue and bright orange sack with diamante/triangle shapes. Puke!

    I want simple and classy, not cheap and garish thanks!

    current offenders though –

    As for Evans. Constant disappointment, and they want to charge me £40 each time for the pleasure.

    It makes me so mad. I have the disposable income to spend on nice clothes but no-one wants to cater for me. If only topshop or urban outfitters catered for my size…I’d be poor, but happy!!

    • Lauren

      I get the feeling New Look are trying to take a different direction – I know a few of us bloggers were contacted for advice, which I think is really cool. Although yeah, that kimono very nearly got included in the image above!

      Evans confuse me. Their range is so dowdy now, but the brands can be pretty nice and also Evans’ SS12 collection, and Clements Ribiero range look promising!

      • Lois

        ooh that’s really good that they contacted you! I just read my post back, and I don’t want to hate too much on New Look, I do most of my shopping there because it’s cheap unlike Evans/Stlye369 and they are the most on trend out of the plus size retailers…they’re just so hit and miss…sometimes I will love love love their range and they get it bang on like with cigarette trousers, coloured jeans, chunky knits etc….but then I can go for months without seeing a single thing I like and being lost in a sea of hideous sequins and cartoon t-shirts.

        The only thing I’ve bought which I absolutely love from Evans is a leopard print top/shirt.

        Will keep my eyes peeled for S/S 12! Cross fingers! xx

  • Hanna

    This I agree with the most: three quarter length sleeves on EVERYTHING. I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!! They really are in almost everything!!! Whats the logic there?

    And I seem to be the only fatty who actually likes low rise jeans.. although I have lived in leggings for about 2 years since I don’t find low rise ones. High waisted always hit my belly in a wrong place. So since people keep complaining about the low rise ones, could you please point out to me where to find those? ;) thanks!

  • Fiona Senior

    Jeans and trousers that assume because I have quite large thighs that my waist must be ginormous too!

    • Anita

      Agreed! I can never find jeans or trousers in general that get the thigh/waist/hips ratio right!

  • Gazel

    AMEN, preach it!!

    • Lauren

      Fucking EXACTLY. Why does no one get it? I guess sober mediocrity sells. :(

  • kaytee

    I actually love and need bubble hem tops and t shirts with elasticated bottoms as I am apple shaped with a nasty fat belly and these are the only types of tops that flatter me! Plus I find that jeans are always cut for pears not apples as if I get them to fit in the waist then they are too big in the leg!

    • Lauren

      Oi, less of the “nasty fat belly” talk! :) I have a big belly too – most of us do – and that’s ok. xx

  • Naomi Diamonds n Pearls

    Can I add, free belts with an item that don’t fuckin fit the size of person the item is for! I’ve got so many belts that don’t fit me from items that said belt came with! WTF is the point?

    • Hanna


    • Nicole

      I hate that!

  • Nicole

    Love this! Most of the things I dislike are on your list already. My biggest peeves are poor quality, too big, baggy clothing and over embellishment – like the crazy graphic prints, gems, studs, glitter… sometimes all on the same garment!

    I’m really tired of the younger demographic being stuck with club wear. Torrid, I’m talking to you! There is a group of women from 20s to 40s that seem to want good quality, well fitting clothing that doesn’t necessarily have to “flatter”.

    Where are the “classic with a modern twist” pieces, fun and innovative fashion, clothing with SHAPE, quality fabrics… I’m sure I’m forgetting something else. In addition to regular clothes, I’d love to see stuff that doubles as work wear.

    I guess Eloquii is doing a bit of that but I’m still peeved about their responses to extending their size range. I did walk into The Limited last year with a friend… and pretty much went, “YUP, I WANT THAT BUT IN MY SIZE!” but Eloquii isn’t there yet. Not that it matters for me, since it won’t fit! ;)

  • Just Me Leah

    Thank you baby Jeebus for this post. New Look makes me want to spew with their fucking hideous selection (apart from the occasional nice dress) and same style of tops in about 23 foul, dull colours. Evans are overpriced and mostly too fuddy duddy for me, and I’m in my 30s so that says a lot! Asos Curve is just weird often. Yours Clothing are good (I get most of my clothes from there) but I’d like to see a lot more long line tops (I detest waist length tops) and more trousers from them. Very stuff is quite often shoddily made. I know the shopping around for nice clothes can be fun but Lord, help us out someone! The place that pees me off the most is New Look. I see loads of lovely clothes in the ‘norms’ section which would translate to bigger sizes with more length, bigger armholes etc etc but do they? Do they arse! Dull, bland, hideous crap. It makes me want to weep, and I have to walk through it all to get to the fat girl bit upstairs. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Pixieandmurphy

    Two in one tops – a cardigan with a pretend blouse underneath or a tank top with pretend blouse sleeves. Who wears this shit?? Only people who are duped into thinking it is ‘fashionable’ and their only choice because thats all there is in their size.

    • Anonymous

      Oh GOD yes! I hate those fecking twofer things.

    • beep

      Mock layering is annoying as fuck! I can very well put on a tank top underneath a blouse if I want to, thank you very much.

      • Deena

        Hate these with a passion!!! Am I so fat, lazy, unimaginative, stupid and unco-ordinated, that I don’t know how/ can’t be bothered to layer a cardigan over a top?

    • Katha Strophe

      YES! This annoys me so much.

  • Pixieandmurphy

    Shitty, fucking tights that are supposed to fit someone 4 sizes bigger than me but don’t even fit me.

    I obviously feel strongly about the crappiness of plus size tights. But I’m not apologising for it!

    • beep

      YES. I keep buying tights in a bigger size than I am in the hope of them actually going up all the way and fitting my thighs. But I always end up with a dropped crotch and baggy waist. This is the number one reason I hate tights with a passion these days.

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways:-

    *”Sharkbite” hems.
    * Puffed sleeves.
    * Flounces.
    * Puffed sleeves and flounces appearing on the same garment.
    * Ruched waists. They ride up and make me look like The Hunch Front of Notre Dame.
    * Capri pants that flap around your ankles and look like they shrank in the wash.
    * Tops that are too short to be dresses and too long to be tops.
    * Floral prints in washed out colours that look like they belong on the loose covers of
    someone’s nanna’s sofa.
    * Funnel necked and/or duffel coats.
    * Tops with integral, tacky matching necklaces.
    * Jeggings/skinny jeans that are way too baggy in the leg, no matter how many sizes I
    go down.
    * Regulation black, navy or grey leggings. I would like some colourful leggings please.
    Patterned and plain. And NOT snake or leopard print – I’m sick to fucking death of it.
    * Dresses and tops that are so low cut your entire bra is visible.
    * The shortness of almost all ASOS dresses; ditto New Look.
    * And, while we’re on the subject of New Look, the lack of an Inspire department in the
    vast majority of stores I visit.
    * Dorothy Perkins and Next making my size but not stocking them in their stores. No
    I’m not content to shop online and pay for the privilege.
    * H & M’s B.I.B range. It’s so damned BORING.
    * Socks that don’t take chubby ankles and calves into consideration.
    * Dresses with seams down the centre back.
    * Apples being the perennial Cinderellas of the plus-size manufacturing industry. “Oh
    just give ’em a big shirt to cover it all up; that’ll do.” No. It won’t.
    * Shirts that gape across the bust even when they’re big enough.
    * Night attire that comes in precisely two categories: Shiny polyester
    seduction wear or cotton jersey pyjamas with cupcakes or cute cartoon characters on
    * The lack of plus size petite ranges.

    Oooh, it’s like Pringles. Once I pop I just can’t stop…

    • Stefanie Stokes

      I’m with you on the socks. I bought some Owl socks from Evans and had to cut the tops off as they were too tight. Not brilliant quality either as I only wear them round the house and both have a small hole.

  • beep

    I think it actually wouldn’t be a bad idea from a clothing maker to design something for different body types – for example the same jeans but with different cuts. ‘Cause right now they do the measurements for “average” which means both pears and apples get pissed off. Tights too, I’ll be damned if I ever find a pair of tights or leggings to fit me properly, even in plus sizes.

    I have to say, though, that the question “what DO you want” is usually much more inspiring, helpful and doesn’t accidentally shame the people who want to wear the stuff others hate. But I get the frustration, I’m annoyed as well, lol.

  • Gemma S

    Not all people who wear plus size are over 50. Why can’t they make the clothes we want, and are sold in other shops but in bigger sizes with adjusments like bigger sleeves and slightly longer? I hate everything in your list. Why so many tunic tops with diamante?!?!!

    • Anonymous

      Ahem. I’m nearly 53 and I don’t want that shite either!

    • Suvikki from Finland

      Making the same pattern bigger usually means that production cuts corners.
      The result of bigger sleeves and slightly longer means that garment doesn´t fit properly. Take any cheap 2XL or 3XL t-shirt for women and compare it with regular M or L. The shoulder seams are too wide, same with chest area and still it´s too long from back and too skinny from tummy. Making it worse is to use clingy fabric showing your nipples when breezes and loose flesh as lovehandles.

  • Katrin

    I would sign most of this! Especially the point “no butterflies”…I hate this cuti little sparkling prints with butterflies and flowers…and at all sequins placed to enhance a really bad slogans and typings and bääh…I just feel like shaking my head up and down at most of the things on this list…so true!

    • lois

      YES! I feel like they’re trying to get me to dress like a 5 year old child with all theese butterfly, flower, cartoon character tops. PUKE!

  • Honeysuckelle

    I know what you mean, it honestly feels like a lot of the people that design for plus sized ladies are clearly not plus sized or clearly not fashionable in any right. I really wish more plus sized lines tried to flatter the plus size figure and I wish there were more options for us. On that note, I wish there was an entire modcloth type site that was just adorable dresses for the plus sized lady, why are the options so limited? We are consumers, we need to dress our bodies, why are we ignored?! If I could sew/design worth a damn, I would not leave any body type out of the mix. I love the list and although I’m guilty of wearing a few of these styles I know exactly what you mean. I HATE when tops are too short, that drives me f’ing nuts. Oh, sorry for the f-bomb.


  • Anonymous

    wtf is up with the genie shorts with a skirt? attached?

    • Deena

      I seriously hope no-one actually bought that thing. How did that even make it into production??!?

  • Sarayasmin


    Can we also add:

    – The waterfall cardigan. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns.

    Actually, let’s bin the whole neon ethnic print, hanky-hem, flowy dresses and shirts. I work in the city. If I come in dressed like a colourblind refugee from Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” video, NO ONE WILL TAKE ME SERIOUSLY.

    • Deena

      “the fire of a thousand suns” Hilarious!

  • Ki

    I wish that shops who do plus size lines would stop thinking that everyone is short :( My friend and I are both plus size – a 22 and a 24, but we’re both 6’2, and no joke, every dress we try on turns into an instant micro dress -__-‘

    • Ki

      Oh and another thing is why don’t Primark do plus size?!?! They say that they’re so cheap because they only stock sizes that people want, but the amount of times I’ve gone in and they don’t go any bigger than a 20 is ludicrous!! If they stock only the sizes that people need then why is there always so many size 10 and under items left that don’t sell >(

  • Kaly jackson

    Polyester wrap dresses.

  • Nicsterne

    What I love about this post and the comments is that there are so many different views as to what people love or hate in plus size fashion. In my opinion the one thing it proves is that plus size girls need more choice, so they can get the glitter and sequins or not, hide the tummy or show the tummy and so on. If you’re a regular size there’s a good chance that if you go to the high street looking for ‘evening wear or ‘work clothes’ or ‘on trend’ you know the shop to go to. Plus size options don’t work like that, they’re more limited and you end up in the same shops making do. Internet retailers are better but it’s nice to be able to touch the clothes and see them for real.

    • Lauren

      I agree – that’s the problem. We need more choice for all tastes to be catered for, but there’s such a tiny pool to buy from and every single plus size range brings out this sort of crap. It’s so annoying!

  • Liz

    This list is totally what is wrong with plus size fashion. Although, I have to say that ASOS Curve do actually do some cool stuff now, but maybe that’s just my aesthetic (err..I like mid-length dresses, polka dots, flounce, etc). I’ve had trouble with their sizing before though, definitely! I bought a fab dress from them recently and their 22 was clearly more like a 24 or 26, it was very baggy and I have a small chest so basically the v-neckline ended up exposing my bra etc etc. Agree about Evans – what is going on? They seem so dowdy and matronly at the moment :( I mean, Beth Ditto wouldn’t want to buy from them, and they’ve collaborated with her! This really does highlight how important it is for plus size retailers to get their act together and start again – and start taking some inspiration from actual fashion and their actual straight size ranges. What is wrong with a mix of different styles and influences? At least then, a range of different customers would be happy. I usually resort to accessories and jewellery to make my look how I want it to be. Not forgetting the shoes…but I rarely buy from Plus size shops for shoes. Which is a shame considering I do have wide feet!

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  • Fat Heffalump

    YES!! I have just been hatching a similar post myself, and you’ve given me some more inspiration!

  • Deena

    I would also like to add this kind of print…. …. I’ve not seen it much in the UK but I’ve seen it a lot on US sites for far too long. Makes you look like you are so fat you broke the print.

  • Anonymous

    I’m kind of new to this whole fatshion thing and I love your blog! I totally agree with all of those things, plus waterfall cardigans and unscaled-up sleeves. Forever 21 has to be the worst offender for me, although I’ve only been once. I’m a shortie at 5 feet and couldn’t even reach half the stuff, I mean, not that I’d have wanted to as it all seemed to be shapeless swathes of synthetic bilious-brown fabrics. Why can’t we just be treated like “normal” people? I frikkin’ love Topshop clothes and it makes me desperately sad that I’m denied them.

  • Liz

    I’m giving you an award…The Versatile Blogger award! You can find my post here: – because you’re a fab blogger and I love your style :)

    – Liz (

  • Amy

    «short tops cut at the belly
    weird granny style patterns
    tops with no arms
    low rise pants
    Jeans with diamante/sequins
    t-shirts with elastic round the bottom
    tunics which cut you across the top of your boobs
    anything with sparkly crap on it
    rubbish t-shirts with sequins
    bad jeans with sequins
    tops that have a v-neck and empire waist seams that bisect the boobs for some inexplicable purpose, and are always made from some sort of cheap polyester or rayon and include ridiculous flared sleeves or even worse, PIRATE SLEEVES!!!! They’re almost always some garish print and often include rhinestones.»

    So right!

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  • Helen

    Here are some examples of what I, as a shopper in Sweden, hate the most:

    The diagnonal and/or uneven and weird hem! (it that the right word?) Who in the world wants that?

    The “Oh I don’t know what to do with this fatso top! Let’s just put some random lace and ruffles on it in strange places and call it a day!”

    The stupid dress that would be more appropriate for a 3-year old. What’s with the pockets? The blocks of different coloured fabric? The metalstuds in shape of stars? The length? I could go on. And the price? 75 pounds!!!

  • Riyah

    You have placed into words what I have been thinking for years, but never want to say anything about for fear of drawing attention to the fact that I am chubby.
    For that, I love you.

  • Sophie (Big Bold Fashion)

    Haha this post has made me laugh. Although I don’t agree with the ragging on Asos Curve. Some of their stuff is goooorgeous!

    The worst offender is definitely the butterfly and rhinestone gypsy top, available in all plus-size retailers here to the moon. I want to wrap it around the designer’s neck.

  • StephanieDJL

    LMAO I cannot believe that those clothes exist. jfc. Let’s not forget slogan t-shirts that have HIlarious puns on them.

  • Alyssa

    Ok, I have a few to add

    * ‘Empire line’ tops that only cater for a D cup at the most. Being a J cup I risk serious over exposure every time I step out in one of these bad boys.

    * Dresses that sit just below the Knee! Grr! I have good legs, let me show them off!

    * Tights. Plus size tights are a fricking nightmare. I can NEVER get them to fit me.

    * Evans inability to correctly hem anything.

    * Mini skirts that aren’t actually mini.

    I agree with the comments about patterns and ghastly bubble hems.

    I am a fan of the range of ASOS Curve, however they do not cater for a full bust!

    A xx

  • Stefanie Stokes

    Totally agree! I’d like just plain long skirts. Most are either print, flimsy summer Gypsy skirts or they have weird angular seams e.g.

    I’d also like more alternative plus size clothing catered for the Goths, Punks, Emos etc amongst us.

  • Julia Smith

    I am so reposting this on my blog. I linked back of course!

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  • Suvikki from Finland

    Anything sleeveless made of too stiff material and balloon effect by bold print laying on your tummy.

  • Suvikki from Finland

    Preppy isn´t my style. Goth was fun until every third was wearing it. I know what I want, so I´m thinking of making clothes myself. I don´t get paid of saying this: There are sewing magazines like BurdaStyle Plus (made in Germany, many languages options) and Ottobre Woman (made in Finland, in Finnish and English), both twice per year.