Dalmatian print skirt for Look x Simply Be
Skirt: LOOK magazine for Simply Be*
Shoes: Simply Be
Vest, Cardigan: Primark

Well, hello! I trust you’ve all been very well? It’s been a pretty crazy time at work recently, but for a good reason: I’ve been helping out with making two cute videos featuring some fabulous fashion and beauty vloggers for Westfield’s #editme site. Check them out: Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City.

As well as work it’s been fashion PR season, with lots of companies events for press and bloggers to have a look at upcoming collections. One of the most exciting ones for me has been the LOOK magazine for Simply Be collaboration, and they had a posh dinner in central London (not far from my office, hooray!) where we got to look at what was on its way. Yay!

A few years back Carla and I went to the Look show (she’d won tickets and took me because she’s the best) and the most celebrated model there was Crystal Renn (before she shed her weight), with Laura Catterall and Hayley Morley walking too. As a result, I’ve always thought of Look as one of the more plus size friendly magazines so it seemed like perfect sense for them to have teamed up with a plus size retailer.

DSC_1554 xproii

As for the collection itself I think it’s great, although I will admit the majority of it isn’t my personal style. And that’s okay! Simply Be’s main range are absolutely killing it at the moment, with pencil skirts, multiple shades of pink and whatnot. The Look range is sporty, smart and tailored and while those aren’t words you’d use to describe my style, looking through the collection I could see fellow bloggers looking completely at home in all of it. I can’t wait to see Bets in her Look jumpsuit, for example!

As for me, I had to try the dalmatian print midi skirt. Only problem was, at 5’1″, wearing it at my natural waist would have the skirt hanging around my ankles! So I sized down (to a 20) to wear it high waisted. Very high waisted. And it still hits below the knee!

The skirt is really well made, fully tailored, and the fabric is thick and hangs really well. It’s an a-line shape as opposed to a circle skirt, but you can still put a petticoat underneath if you so wished. I went for a “swanning around the riviera” look – even though I only got as far as my own garden. Haha.

What do you think of the collection?

  • Katrin

    You look absolutely cute as always :3 And the dress is pretty cute.
    I am so sad cause SimplyBe are really messing with their costumers at the moment, the last time I tried to shop they had switch the German side (which was shit!) to the EU side and now you can only pay via credit card >_______<

  • Francesca

    I like your hair!

  • Charlie Cohen

    Love this on you! I’m the same with skirts, I always have to wear them high high high up. I agree with you as far as the collection goes- it’s nice, but it just isn’t me. Still, got my bomber jacket through the post the other day and I might have to be buried with it I love it so much! x

  • http://justmeleah.co.uk/ Leah (Just Me Leah)

    You look fabulous and you have killer pins! It was so lovely to meet you on Saturday. x x

  • anita

    oh wow, cutecute! love it :)


  • Becky Brown

    adorable, very 50’s.x

  • Agoprime
  • http://www.mookieslife.com/ Mookie

    That skirt was the only item I really liked from the Look range and it looks amazing on you. Your work it even if you are short. By the way thanks for a great time last weekend and thanks for the lovely meal!! :) I have bought your ice cream dress now as I couldn’t afford it at the time, but Leah gave me a tip that it was on Crazy Clearance, so I snapped it up. Can’t wait to get it. :) xx

  • http://www.divadellecurve.com/ divadellecurve

    love the shoes! and I love this skirt too…