Image: Me (short, fat, white-skinned, brunette) stands wearing a faux leather biker jacket, leopard print skirt and boots with my bed and coats hanging on the door behind me.

PU Biker Jacket: So Fabulous! by Very (gifted for review)
Leopard Skirt: ASOS Curve
Boots: Evans
Glasses: Glasses Direct (also gifted)
Black Jumper: Peacocks
Turquoise Fake Fur Collar (below): ASOS

Could I look any more miserable?! Oh dear. I was actually rather happy when taking these photos as well!

I’ve been attempting to cut down on reviewing items because I feel guilty, but certain people I just can’t say no to! I’ve been a massive fan of Very for years and years – I think at one point at least half my wardrobe was from them. I’ve gone backwards and forwards on their plus size range, So Fabulous, over the years but recently it’s taken a turn for the better. They got in touch and offered me an item to review, and I chose to indulge  in this lovely faux leather biker jacket.


Image: me, as before in the same place and same clothes, with an added turquoise fake fur collar

Biker jackets have been one of those things that I resisted for a long time before finally thinking it was something I could wear! I first started seeing them on uber scenesters about four years ago but never thought it’d be for me, but I’ve since had a change of heart. I’m glad I waited because honestly, this jacket is pretty damn lovely! It’s buttery soft and so warm – even warmer than my coat! – and there is so much detail which you don’t normally get on plus size items. I got a 22 even though my size is more of a 24 now, and it fits perfectly. Having read the reviews on their site, a couple of people had problems with it fitting right on a large bust, but as I don’t have that problem it sits really well. The only snag, literally, was a couple of loose threads. That’s it! And I can snip those off no problem. So yes, I’m a very happy customer!

For those of you not in the UK, they recently opened up Very.com so you’ll be able to shop from the US, as well!

As well as the So Fabulous range, I’ve also bought and worn a lot of items from South (up to UK24) and Love Label (up to UK20). Very do have a lot of celebrity and designer collections in their straight size range, and I’d love to see a plus size collaboration at some point – maybe they can take in Beth Ditto?

  • Tamsin

    It’s gorgeous! Such a nice style, I want a biker jacket so badly but I have massive boobs and it’s so hard to get anything to fit nicely. I will continue my search!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Oh! That jacket is gorgeous! I love how you paired it with that skirt and badges!

  • Anonymous

    oo I love the jacket & the glasses look fab bb! I love Very but it annoys me you need an account.

  • Nana Ofosu-Appiah

    Really nice jacket and it looks great with the leopard print skirt. I was wondering why you feel guilty for accepting things for review? As long as you’re honest I don’t really see anything wrong with it.

  • http://www.fatfrocks.com Gemma

    My leather jacket from So Fabulous never comes off, I love it. I got mine 2 years ago but it’s very similar to this. So wearable! Don’t be guilty about reviews, it takes a lot of time to blog and put something out that lots of people read. Nice for you to have a reward x

  • http://fatheffalump.wordpress.com/ Fat Heffalump

    LOVE this outfit so much. I would wear every bit of it.

  • http://bigboldfashion.wordpress.com Bigboldfashion

    I’ve been looking for a biker jacket, and that one is lovely! Does it feel like leather?

  • http://emu-memu.net/fluff Eline

    Well, you look amazing in it :D
    Paired with the leopard jacket it’s totally a style that I wore when I was seventeen and shamelessly still love today. Scenester or not, a leather jacket is awesome for everyone :D