Hello my dears, there appears to be a few events coming up that all look to be great fun! I’m sure you know of them already, but just in case I thought I’d post about them – click the images and they’ll take you to each respective site.



I have been looking forward to Fattylympics for SO long! It’s organised by Kay, who arranged the amazing Big Bum Jumble in 2010, in fact all the profits from that have gone to help set up this event. It’s a fun, fat friendly send up of the Olympics complete with stalls, games, competitions, and its own theme tune (written and recorded by Verity from Electrelane, indie fans). It takes place on Saturday 7th July, 12pm – 5pm at Grassroots Resource Centre, West Ham, London. I’ll be stewarding, so see you there!


If you aren’t in London, then another awesome event is happening on Saturday July 7th: Plus North! Headed up by Becky and Toni, this is the northern arm of Plus London, with sponsors such as Simply Be (complete with a catwalk show!), Excite and Trapped in a Skinny World. It costs £5 for a ticket and takes place at Aspire in Leeds from 1pm – 6pm. It’s going to be great, can’t wait to read all about it.


Another London event (sorry peeps) that takes place in a couple of weeks! Katie has organised a clothing swap for sizes 14 and up on her fabulous roof terrace on Saturday May 26th, from 1:30pm. Make sure you bring at least 5 items, too!

Hope to see you at Fattylympics and the swap, and have fun at Plus North!