Me wearing a yellow patterned dressagainst a graffiti backdrop

Dress: Cutie for Simply Be
Shoes: Primark (old season)
Bag: Primark

Hi all! This was an outfit that I forgot to post – oops! Better late than never, eh?

I was so excited when this dress came out – I’d seen similar dresses in various charity shops over the years, but they were always too small for me. So even though this is new,  I snapped it straight up as soon as I had the money. It’s gorgeous, fits like a dream and makes me feel like I’m close to how I want to look in my head – if that makes sense? I don’t feel I’m compromising the style I want at all with this outfit. It’s awesome.

I wore this to head out to the Gogo Philip store launch off Brick Lane, which was fab. That said, despite looking how I want to look, the other bloggers there looked SO COOL I was a teensy bit intimidated – me in my nice dress and my nice shoes and whatnot. I’m always acutely aware that I’m the uncoolest person in any room, haha. Ah well.

I’ve always loved Gogo’s tacky outrageous jewels. They’re such decent prices, as well, it was difficult not to raid the whole shop. Here’s what was happening there:

I bought myself a pair of gorgeous ruby drop earings, which I can’t wait to wear out to a fancy ‘do!

Afterwards Bethany and I headed down to my favourite curry house on Hanbury Street. We got a bit of a treat as we left – an artist was busy painting a mural on the wall opposite:

It turned out that artist was Alexis Diaz, and you can see the finished article here – it’s incredible. What an honour!


Image: Me, wearing a black and coral dress and a necklace with little black bunnies on, and glasses.

Dress: What Laura Loves for Simply Be*
Shoes: New Look (2009)
Necklace: I’m Your Present
Glasses: Specsavers*

Hello lovelies, yes this is indeed my 2nd outfit post of the week. Hurrah! After finishing the Simply Be blogger takeover, each of us were given credit to spend at the shop. Naturally I bought both other dresses as well as another copy of my own (just because I could!). I wore Em‘s to an important work meeting, and Laura’s I wore for a work event – one in which I was able to go full nerd.

blinkbox are one of the companies I work for, and they celebrated getting Game of Thrones season 3 earlier than anyone by hosting a screening of the first episode and having Maisie Williams (Arya Stark aka BAMF) and Joe Dempsie (Gendry Waters) over for a Q&A session. I managed to wangle my way in and it was SO COOL. As well as being able to watch episode one again, although I did miss my pal Julia. My nerd levels were peaking all night!


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture with them – I actually left the same time as Maisie and her team, but they seemed like they were in a rush so I didn’t ask for one. Which is a shame as I wanted to ask her what Claire‘s cupcakes taste like! Haha.



Oh. My. God.

The dresses went on sale Friday. Some of the sizes are sold out already, and Simply Be are getting more stock in to fill the demand. I’ve bought all three dresses and they’re just divine. I’m so happy with mine, and Laura and Em did such an incredible job on theirs.

Thank you so much, all of you who attended the event in Manchester two weeks ago, who have said lovely things about my dress design, bought it, or just been supportive. Thanks to the AMAZING Simply Be team for being excellent.

This has been the best experience blogging has brought me, and I’m SO damn lucky.

Thank you. x

Yesterday's make up, greasy hair... My @cultofcali jumper makes up for it tho. #ootd #plussize #fatshion #psbloggers

Dress: New Look Inspire
Jumper: Cult of California
Ring: David Bowie Is… exhibition (it broke after I took this pic!)
Necklace: Primark

Hello all, I hope you’re well? I’m off to Portugal this week with my pals for Optimus Primavera (I really have to concentrate to not type Optimus PRIME-avera) Sound festival. I ARE EXCITE. Gonna drink port, eat francesinha and if I don’t die from those, see some of my favourite bands. Yay. Let’s hope the weather is a bit better than my holiday in Spain last year, at least.

I also wanted to say thanks for the amazing and thoughtful comments on my last entry. It’s been great to hear your stories, even though some have made me angry that Charlotte’s isn’t an isolated case, but more a systematic failing in the fashion industry. But thankfully, there IS a happy ending! Charlotte got to show her collection, and the models (including some plus size fashion bloggers you know and love) looked wonderful. I really can’t wait to buy some of the designs!

It’s been a while since I did an outfit post, but in the meantime I’ve been making use of my new bedroom mirror to instagram OOTDs before I head off to work! Most of you probably already follow me there, but in case anyone missed them, here’s what I’ve been wearing lately.

Today's dress. See, I don't just wear outfits on the blog once ;) #ootd #fatshion #plussize

Dress: Simply Be (2012)
Belt: Evans (2011)

Nice thing about having a massive mirror - more frequent outfit documentation. #fatshion

Dress: Lovedrobe 2011

Friday's outfit #ootd #plussize #fatshion

Top: Primark (2012)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (2012)
Skirt: Forever 21+

Monday - keeping this chiffon skirt down in the wind is gonna be HELL. #ootd #fatshion #plussize

Dress: Ax Paris Curve* (2012)
Cardigan: Torrid* (2011)
Necklace: Accessorize* (2011)

Unintentionally matching my #ootd to my bedroom #fatshion #plussize

Dress: Yours Clothing (2011)
Necklace: not sure as it was a birthday present in 2012
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (2012)

Wearing a skirt under this dress to combat the wind #ootd #fatshion #plussize

Dress: Yours Clothing* (2012)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (2012)
Necklace: Tatty Devine*

Not sure if bopping so wearing my comic skirt instead :) #ootd #fatshion #plussize

Top: ASOS (2012)
Skirt: Primark
Necklace: Queer Riot

Plain #ootd from me today #fatshion #plussize

Top: ASOS (2012)
Skirt: Forever 21+
Necklace: Tatty Devine (2012 sample sale)

Lazy Sunday #ootd - love my sundress from Very last year. #fatshion #plussize

Dress: South by Very (bought in the January sale as it’s from last summer’s collection)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (2012)

PHEW! Maybe I’ll do weekly round ups to spare you all. I’m not sure how I’d even describe my style, it’s a bit safe – pretty dress, black cardi. Maybe I’ll take some more risks this summer…

One of the most heartening things I’ e seen since I began blogging is the rise of my fellow fat women studying  fashion design. In the US there is the phenomenal Ashley Nell Tipton whose collection has just launched (and who I will be blowing my next wage on); our beloved Rosie; the lovely Francesca; and Charlotte. I’ve been twitter friends with Charlotte for a few years now and I’ve always loved her personal style, so was immensely excited to see her final collection. She posted it on her blog this week, and… Wow. It’s incredible. Cheeky, flirty and fresh.

Now here’s where I have to take a different tone. Having followed Charlotte all through her course, I’ve seen how she’s struggled to make this collection a reality. From my point of view, it seems like she had no support whatsoever from her university, for the sole reason that she stuck to her guns and wanted to make a plus size collection. Apparently they were enthusiastic about the idea (when they still felt there was time for her to change her mind and do a straight size collection instead, no doubt) but once she decided her collection would be plus size, was essentially told “you’re on your own”. Charlotte has had to make all her own pattern blocks and source models for the runway show herself –  and has been told she can’t show at the uni’s London showcase.

Given what Charlotte was up against, that she created a collection of plus size clothes that I and loads of other fashionable fat girls have been crying out for for years is absolutely amazing. In fact, I know of someone else who was forced to make her own pattern blocks and source models after her uni refused to support her: Anna Scholz.

Charlotte doesn’t know what grade she’ll get for her collection. A grade from people who are too feeble to think outside of the very narrow box of the fashion industry? I don’t even think it matters.

 Good news! Charlotte has her six models, and can show on Wednesday! Can’t wait to see the results!

If anyone is able to travel down to Southampton this Wednesday 22nd May, over 5’4″, size 18-24 and can walk in a straight line without falling over, please let Charlotte know and you can actually wear these gorgeous clothes! 


So Fabulous Event

This is my fashion face. Also, holy eyebags, Batman.

Dress: Simply Be*
Boots: Evans
Hair clip: “vintage” (aka I bought it when I was kid and it magically hasn’t managed to get lost since 1995)

So Fabulous Event

See, I DO laugh!

For Littlewoods” So Fabulous event all about their autumn/winter plus size fashion, I wore my favourite new dress. I’ve put it in a separate post because I always feel it’s a bit rude to talk about a rival in a post about a brand event? I dunno. ~Blogging politics, haha! This dress was given to me, although not for a review or anything – when I was in Manchester for a meeting about my dress (save your pennies for June 14th, peeps) they let us take something home. I was completely in love with this and had planned to buy it anyway so I was cheeky and went for it. I’ve worn it more times than I can count, and, even though I’m not particularly shapely I love how I look and feel in it. Other lovely bloggers like Sian and Rosie have worn it and look gorgeous, too!

You know why I love this dress so much? All it is is a basic shirt dress, with a couple of bits missing. But those cut outs make all the difference. It adds character. It’s a talking point. It’s the kind of dress you’d find in any young fashion boutique – but it’s plus size.

My beloved Evans boots, after three trips to the menders have finally retreated into that shoe shop in the sky. Parting was such sweet sorrow, but at least the sun’s out now and I can wear pumps.

Also, I really need to sort my hair out. If anyone has ideas for a hair makeover, I’d love to hear it!

So Fabulous Event

So Fabulous glitter cupcakes

I really am a lucky girl – on Wednesday I attended a blogger event run by the guys at So Fabulous at Littlewoods. It was the first event they’d done ever, and I think they did a great job! I feel like sometimes I don’t give them their dues when in fact they are one of the shops I purchase from most, and some of my favourite clothes are from either the South or So Fabulous collections!

So Fabulous Event

One of the SF clothing rails. Peplums, lace, florals and sequins.

So Fabulous Event

Another SF rail, this time with hot pinks and camouflage jackets that everyone loved.

We all had a browse of their latest collection, and I got to try on some dresses I’d been eyeing on site for ages (and which I will probably go and buy now, haha!). They also set us a little team challenge – half of us were asked to come up with a look for a job interview, and the other half – my team – were challenged to come up with a look for a night out dancing.

Becky was on model duties for the team I was in, and here she is working our night out look where we took the “more is more” approach:

So Fabulous Event

Becky working her “night out in the west end” look! I couldn’t fit in the INCREDIBLE heels she was wearing.

Awesome, no? I also loved the other team’s look for a job interview – I’d never have thought to put a blouse under a skater dress (I’d have just worn it as a casual day dress) but Betty looked so smart and gorgeous:

So Fabulous Event

Becky models her “job interview” look – I loved this!

Afterwards we all caught up and also got into a bit of a debate where we talked about which brands we think are doing great things, what we like and dislike about plus size fashion, the size ranges of plus size brands and also the eternal plus size model debate. I always love a good discussion about these things, hopefully I didn’t get too carried away!

I used the event as an excuse to try out my new camera, although I’m still a total novice and half my pictures are a blurry mess. But I got some gorgeous ones of some of the other bloggers in attendence, yay!

So Fabulous Event

Love Mel. She looked so good in her dress I had not-buying-regret for the rest of the day!

So Fabulous Event

Callie checking out her photographs

So Fabulous Event

Becky and Naomi posing for the camera!

I loved the clothes (especially the dresses, as always) and the team were super positive and passionate about the clothes, which was brilliant to see. I have to say I mostly just loved catching up with my blogging buddies seen above and including Kirsty and Hanna, and meeting Betty and Toni for the first time, finally! Bring on Plus North!

You know how in my post about ASOS Curve‘s autumn lookbook I said that it sometimes felt like I was waiting for a crush to shower attention on me? Well if I’m the Angela Chase in this story, ASOS’ Jordan Catalano really decided to pull out all the stops and make me feel special a few weeks ago. It was awesome.

A few of us got to preview the selection for spring and summer at the amazing Duck & Waffle, somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ages. It was a really lovely evening and the view and food were incredible, but of the course the clothes were the most important thing, as you can imagine.

ASOS spring summer 2013

Since I’ve been blogging I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few different previews for various brands, and while the clothes have always been nice I’ve often felt twinges of disappointment when they inevitably aren’t particularly fashionable or clearly geared for a different type of woman than me. You can probably guess that ASOS Curve’s spring rail was met with a chorus of gasps and oohs and grabby hands. It’s exactly the kind of stuff you find in their main range – but in size fat! I hastily snapped a few pics on my iPhone and twitter and instagram went slightly crazy. Dungarees! Crochet hot pants! Neon-embellished fairy dresses! Floral cullottes! Monochrome graphic print shift dresses! Broderie Anglaise crop tops and chiffon lemon maxis! Satin patterned bomber jackets!

ASOS spring summer 2013

Some of the items we saw are available on site already, with the rest arriving throughout May and June. I really can’t wait to buy up most of it, so chances are you’ll be seeing it on the blog very soon!

Outfit with Cat Ears

Outfit with Cat Ears

Dress: ASOS Curve (2010)
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Lace Cat Ears: ASOS
Cardigan: Evans (2009)
Necklace: Fancy Lady Industries
Brooch: Tatty Devine (2012)
Shoes: New Look (2009)

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having fun Saturday evenings? I’m using the snow and lack of central line as an excuse to stay home and get things done, including updating here. This was what I wore to the lovely Bethany’s club night, Dancing on My Own. I went for something simple and comfortable – and which would show off my amazing tights from Teja Jamilla. I’ve wanted to buy a pair since seeing them on Natalie ages ago and treated myself to a pair come payday. They’re made up to 3x – I’m a 22-24 on the bottom and they fit me pretty well. All the tights are hand printed and are original sketches by Teja themselves, which is awesome!

I also got to wear my beloved FAT necklace by another Aussie babe called Natalie. I’m so pleased I was able to eventually afford one of these, and in rainbow glitter, no less. It means a lot to me – just take a look at the blurb on the product page:

“Wear this and feel radical. If it’s in public or in private, it doesn’t really matter, because you’re reclaiming a word that is as descriptive as it is powerful. When you reclaim fat, you can move on. You can listen to your body instead of denying it or minimising it in harmful ways.”

Alas, after a final dance both the cardigan and dress appear to be on their last legs, which breaks my heart. LBD of dreams, you have served me well.

Woah. Has it really been almost two months since I last posted? Time flies when you’re mega stressed and busy having fun, huh? In fact, I just checked through my emails and the deadline for this post was March 5th. I am one of those bloggers. Oh dear. But I digress! In this post, you get not one, not two, but three outfits to make up for lost time.

This is a kind of review post – the lovely folk over at Voucher Codes approached me with a challenge to find three outfits on a theme of my choice, with a shopping budget of £80 for key items and teaming it with what I already own. I went for stripes – the amazing Kirsty of Fatty Unbound did stripes too, check out her looks here – and was almost immediately hit with the realisation that I rarely wear stripes – always spots! It was a bit of a scramble but I’ve managed to find some cute things. What do you think?

Outfit One: Monochrome & Bright flashes

Shopping Challenge - Stripes

Dress: Primark, £13
Belt: My own
Neon Satchel: Simply Be*
Shoes: Torrid* (from 2010)

I feel a bit in love with this dress on my lunch break – the neckline gives it a mod-ish feel, although I’ve gone for a slightly different look this time around. But with knee high boots and a leather jacket I think it would be just as awesome! The dress is knit as well, so super stretchy and can fit someone larger than 20. Y’know, like myself for instance.

Outfit Two: Mint Humbug

Shopping Challenge - Stripes

Blazer: Forever 21+, £25
Dress and belt: Forever 21+
Shoes: New Look (2009)
L Brooch: Tatty Devine
Necklace: Si Vintage*
Glasses: London Retro* (2011)

This outfit is a bit of a turn up for the books, actually. When I think of ~fatshion bloggers~, I always image a blazer, skinny jeans, and heels. But in 3 and a half years I’ve never owned a blazer – until now! I saw this in the Forever 21 shop in Stratford and was seduced by it’s candy floss stripes. I really like it with the dress – this would be something I’d wear as a spring wedding guest, methinks.

Outfit Three: Tangerine Dream

Shopping Challenge - Stripes

Top: Simply Be, £18
Skirt: Carmakoma (2010)
Belt: Evans (2009)
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Glasses: London Retro* (2011)
Boots: Simply Be

I was really conscious of most striped items being monochrome so once I saw this Simply Be vest in bright orange I knew I had to have it. This one is a bit more like what I’d wear every day. You know, three years on and I’m still in love with this skirt. It’s held up so well. Carmakoma are expensive but if you can afford to, do invest in their stuff as it’s definitely worth it! Also, I’m gutted I didn’t catch my new boots in all their glory, but I’m sure they’ll get more dedication in another post. They’re bleedin’ perfect!

Well there you have it, my three ways of wearing stripes this spring! The three items I bought came to £56 in total – however I also bought this, in fact part of the reason it took me so long was because I was waiting for it to ship, but eventually gave up! Typically, H&M emailed me yesterday to say it was on its way.

I’ve also realised I didn’t actually team my stripes with spots. For shame! That said, this has actually opened my eyes to stripy clothing, so you may well be seeing even more ideas popping up on the blog.

Take care my lovelies, and speak soon!