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Image: scan of the final page, comprised of 4 images. Top left: Close up of Carmina and Aleesha; Top right: Carmina poses by a red wall in her neon leopard print Anna Scholz dress; Bottom left: Aleesha poses by the red wall in a floral print Ruby Rocks dress; Bottom right: extreme close up of Aleesha.

Well… now the latest issue of DIVA has been released, I can now say my first ~official~ fashion project has finally hit the newsstands. I know lots and lots of other bloggers are also freelance stylists professionally, but I’ve been really excited because I don’t consider myself one by trade and it was all very new to me, so I wanted to talk about it here! Hope you don’t mind!

I’m so proud of how the shoot turned out, it’s the icing on the cake to what was a great day. Everyone was lovely to work with and it went as well as any shoot could have gone. Probably because it was so unpretentious, with being made up in cafe’s and getting changed under a coat in an alleyway. Total class,  as you will see from the photos! Hee.

iphone photos 254

Image: Rail of super colourful, patterned clothes in The Second Floor Studio

So many gorgeous clothes, I wanted to keep them all!

iphone photos 257

Image: Big plastic jewellery including Jarv style specs and a giant banana, wrapped in polythene bags in an open box.

Yummy accessories from Tatty Devine. It’s funny because I was quite scared approaching them because, y’know, they’re cool and fashionable and stuff… would they loan samples for me? But they sent me the lookbook and the first person I clapped on was Bea, so I knew after that it’d be fine, and TD were just totally lovely.

iphone photos 256

Image: an assortment of bags and accessories on a plain white table.

iphone photos 258

Image: Aleesha and Carmina pose while wearing half their first shoot outfits (in Carmina's case, this includes a headscarf, sunnies, a lime green top and a GIANT red sparkly lobster necklace)

Waiting for our bus big red limo to take us to our first location…

iphone photos 259

Image: Aleesha and Carmina pose in Shoreditch park in front of a tree, while people on their lunch look on. Diana is taking a photo, and Sarah is watching.

iphone photos 262

Image: Aleesha and Carmina pull goofy poses against a while brick wall while Geoff watches (while holding a reflector)

iphone photos 266

Image: Carmina does an impression of Cousin It wile Sarah fixes her hair in a cafe.

iphone photos 272

Image: Carmina pulls a fancy pose in the middle of the street, while Diana and Geoff work their photo magic.

iphone photos 273

Image: Aleesha and Carmina pose while sitting on the kerb against the red wall, wearing their floral and leopard print dresses

iphone photos 279

Image: Side on photo of Aleesha and Carmina doing a standing pose against the red wall, our final shot of the day!

It was such good fun. Funnily enough, the stress set in when we tried to make our way back to the studio, because of bus problems and having to take a bizarre tube tour to get back. But we ordered pizza and watched Rocky Horror, so it was all good in the end.

I hope you like the photos, and if you’d like to buy DIVA, have a look at the site here. In this shoot, I made sure every clothing item featured is available up to size 26 at least. Also I didn’t cast the models, and I know that some of you may bea little upset that the models are fairly small/not “true” plus, but I honestly think Aleesha and Carmina were both absolutely amazing and really do the clothes justice, in my opinion. Also, props to Diana for coming up with the shoot idea and asking for me to be stylist, Geoff and also Sarah who was my bus/giant red limo buddy and a genius make up artist!

Not sure when there’s a next time, but either way I can’t wait.

outfit 06/01/11

One of my new year plans (I am loathe to call them resolutions) was to feature more outfit posts on the blog, so let’s start with this:

outfit 06/01/11

Jumper: Peacocks (2009)
Polka dot skirt, belt and shoes: New Look
Bow headband: Primark (2009)

The skirt was sent to me a few months ago by the lovely Kat – she’d been clearing out her wardrobe and thought I’d like this skirt. And guess what? I do! The colours are really sweet, and it has a nice pink ribbon at the waistband, but my jumper hid it. So I brightened it up a little with a bow that came with an Inspire dress I bought last year.

What do you think of my ~posing (haha)? The middle one is me attempting that stand-straight-shoulders-apart-glare-at-camera thing that was de rigour all last year in lookbook photography. Not sure it works, but it was fun to try. Let me know what you reckon, peeps!

By the way, I finally succumbed to Google Friend Connect, so if you want to follow via that then the button is roughly over there —->. Thanks everyone! xx

Amazingly, despite hating my face, hair and 90% of my winter wardrobe, I’ve managed to get an outfit together that I don’t actively dislike.


Polka dot cardigan: TU at Sainsburys (2009)
Frill skirt: Madonna by Carmakoma (2009)
Belt: Evans (2009)
Shoe boots: New Look (2009)

This picture makes me look like Georgina! That isn’t a bad thing, btw. This was the only photo which wasn’t a) blurred or b) mid me explaining to my mum that there is no viewfinder because it’s a digital camera, haha. I have to admit I am super jealous of all your blogs who have wonderful photography!

And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: everything in this photo has already been featured on the blog. I’m quite pleased about my ability to remix, even though I am still in the throes of an image crisis!

Also, I was profiled in The Sun today – not on Page 3, I hasten to add – in a feature about fashion bloggers. It was actually really cool of them to include any blog that focused on plus size fashion, so kudos for that, and I’m glad to have represented our little contingent!

Ah, SO MUCH news and general STUFF happening right now! Here’s the rest of it…


Well I’ve had a super exciting week this week! My interviews with models Ashley Graham and Quinn Miles have gone live on the Evans blog, woop! I also answered questions for a little Q&A which you can read here. I do go on, don’t I?

Then, yesterday, after months and months of planning I took a whirlwind trip to Manchester to shoot a little video for the lovely team at Simply Be. I won’t say too much at the moment, but don’t fear – I’ll definitely bore you all to death about it once it goes live. As well as my own video, Diane and Gemma will have ones featuring their picks, which I can’t wait to see. It was so much fun!

It’s so weird, though. I honestly, hand on heart, never expected anything like all this when I started my blog, you know? It’s such a great experience for me, and I know that I’m very lucky to have opportunities like these.



Anna Scholz is hosting a sample sale at her studio on 22nd October. Up to 80% off, wow! Is anyone heading down?


Evans have released pictures and a really cute video about their AW footwear collection. I don’t blame them as they have some amazing shoes and boots this season! Bless ’em.


The north are getting their own plus sized jumble sale – the Jelly Belly Jumble! So exciting. It’s taking place on Saturday 20th November at Wrangthorn Hall in Leeds. Join their Facebook group for more info. I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing as the BBJ.

Charlotte Cooper of Obesity Timebomb has alerted me to this awesome event showcasing the premiere of a short film documenting her fierce fatty girl gang, The Chubsters. It’s on Wednesday 27th October at the Portabello Pop Up Cinema. Check out her blog for more info – all are welcome!

There is also a two day Fat Activism and Fat Studies conference taking place in London on 19th and 20th November, for anyone interested in HAES and the more political side of being fat. There is more information on Obesity Timebomb and you can register here.

PHEW! Have a lovely weekend, peeps.


London Fashion Week can fark off. As you all must know, on Friday the second Beth Ditto at Evans collection launched, both online and in two London stores. The fatosphere exploded when the website went live on Thursday evening, earning the #dittowatch hashtag and numerous blog posts. Since I was commuting distance to Marble Arch I couldn’t not go and check it out, could I?

As it turned out, Evans’ PR were in the store interviewing and photographing people, so I was featured on Evans’ blog and VIDEOED OMG along with the lovely Marie about our thoughts on the collection! Sadly I had to run before Nicolette and Sakina arrived to interview Beth for Vogue Curvy (Speaking of which, I have a couple of stores lined up for VC and should be shooting in the next few weeks, hurray!), as I was off for job interviews before meeting Messy Carla for an adventure which will be revealed in another post!


  • Much more subdued in colour than the 1st – BUT, the garments themselves are actually more catwalk-inspired and genuinely fashionable than before.
  • The range is so, so much better in person than online. I wasn’t very keen having looked at the site, but in real life they really do look good.
  • There’s an emphasis on garment shape and silhouette in this collection, which wasn’t present last time. It’s always nice to see a hint of tailoring in plus sizes!

The biggest disappointment is the lack of representation for the butches. Tamsin asked me to see if there was anything, perhaps a good pair of jeans or a cool shirt, but most of the range is ultra girly. A few things are slightly less femme: the unisex hanky hem top, the polka dot t-shirt, hooded cape, high-waisted jeans and the lightning bolt jumper, but the majority of the collection is very, very much on the feminine side. I know that Beth herself is absolutely a femme, and that a person’s sexuality shouldn’t be a key part of their designs. But it does feel sad that someone who is such a prominent figure in the queer community has side-stepped quite a few of her fans and friends.

Overall, while it’s not as BOOM!POW! as the last Beth Ditto collection and slightly more pedestrian, it is still the most dynamic and unique clothing range available in sizes UK28 – 32. Sure, ASOS Curve has stolen a bit of Beth’s thunder since its launch, but those of us around the UK18-22 mark can’t just assume “plus size” begins at 14 and ends at 26. There are a great deal of people who need bigger sizes than that, and who are even more isolated when it comes to expressing themselves through clothes than most. They shouldn’t be forgotten!

The only niggle I have with the collection being more down to earth than previously is that it feels less like a super duper special range, and more like the type of clothes Evans should be making all year round anyway.

As most of you buying the range are overseas, I thought it’d be a good idea for me to try stuff from the range and see how it fitted – who knows, it might help you! For your information, I’m 5’1″ and a size UK20-UK22. Oh, and I have tiny boobs and a massive bum. The much more curvalicious Em went down yesterday to see how they fit her hourglass frame, so keep an eye on her blog! If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or tweet me!

Click the elipsis for my dressing room pics:

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It’s been a while since I posted pictures of my own outfits. I’m not really a gifted photographer or photogenic so I tend to avoid it if possible, but I’ve gotten some lovely stuff in the past few months I wanted to show off! So here goes. You may have seen these yesterday as I was featured on The Curvy Fashionista’s Show & Tell, yay! Thanks Marie.

awwwwwkward pose.

Dress: Jen’s Fashion Plus
Shrug: Yours Clothing
Shoes: New Look

I bought this dress ages ago but never got round to photographing it. It’s kooky and can be made girly or a bit more tough depending on my mood. I usually wear it with my biker boots but was feeling a bit girly. I also like that the boobs are padded – as someone who is a member of the IBTC I do welcome this.

dressing up

Dress: Torrid
Leopard Print headband: Primark
Leopard Print shoes: Linzi

This dress was among some of the clothes sent to me by Torrid. I gasped when I got this one out, it’s so gorgeous and it fits me really well. I love the origami folds, and the colour (which is a little deeper in real life). One thing I do love is teaming anything jewel coloured with leopard print. Not sure why!

dressing down

Top: Evans
Skirt: ASOS Curve

And this is what I’m wearing just during the day. The Evans top is actually longer but I wear it short, otherwise it is way too long! I love the skirt by ASOS, it’s so comfortable although it is very very short. I was hoping to wear it in summer but I can’t really get away with it without black tights – you can see my knick-knacks! But still, nice to lounge around the house in.

The awesome Charlotte and Kay of the forthcoming Big Bum Jumble have interviewed me for their blog here, if you’d like to check it out!

You can also see my interview with Kay here. I can’t wait for the jumble, it’s going to be an incredible event. Here are some more details from the press release:

The Big Bum Jumble
Saturday 14 August 2010, 12-5pm
Stratford Circus
Theatre Square
London E15 1BX

Kay Hyatt 07882 117167

The Big Bum Jumble, where Fatshion in the UK takes an ethical turn

The Big Bum Jumble is landmark fatshion event selling low-cost second-hand and vintage clothes in sizes XL+. It will take place on 14 August 2010 in London’s East End, and will comprise a traditional jumble sale, a catwalk show and other activities, as well as the chance to participate in a film of the event.

Kay Hyatt, its principle organiser, is a fat activist who often struggles to find clothes to fit. Knowing that other people were in the same position, she decided to do something about it after attending a similar event in the US. Kay explains: “I was impressed by the celebratory atmosphere, the friendliness, the sense of community and, of course, the excellent fashion. It was like jumping into a giant dressing-up box. I wanted to bring that feeling home.

Kay says: “Fashion can be creative and playful, it can help you feel really good about yourself. I think this should be available to everyone regardless of size or background.” She adds: “Although The Big Bum Jumble is a sale, it’s also anti-consumerist, all about reusing and recycling, and it has a DIY-culture ethic of making something out of the resources available to you.”

“The situation is improving but, unless you can afford the high-end stuff, plus-sized fashion is often limited to poor quality, overpriced and ethically-dubious products sold by companies who see fat people as self-hating, desperate consumers. We deserve better.”

Hello all! Thanks so much for all your links in the last post and for contacting me via Twitter, I think I’m up to date with links. You’re all so stylish and super.

Can I just say, how much do we all love the French Glamour feature on plus bloggers, complete with a photoshoot featuring three of France’s chicest ladies? It’s brilliant! Sakina has a write up and behind the scenes pics of the day, it looks like such a fun experience. So exciting!

Another quick addage: Evans have kindly given me a discount code for anyone who reads this! Just use EVPOCKET at the online checkout and you’ll get 10% off any orders over £40. Woop! Get buying, kids!

I came across these photos this morning via Jezebel, and while they aren’t strictly fashionfashion I just had to post them here. A catwalk show was held in Paris this week in aid of (I believe, do correct me if I’m wrong) creating fashion from recycled materials, sponsored by Christian Lacroix. It featured women of various heights, colours, shapes and sizes, including these two babes:

Work it, ladies! I’m not keen on the gowns at all (well… ditch the cream petticoat on the 1st pic and we’re talking) but seeing genuinely plus sized women on the runways and in magazines really does make me a little giddy with excitement.

What do you think?

Talk about being all dressed up with nowhere to go.


Dress: Evans
Faux fur coat: thrifted (cost me £5!)
Belt and boots: New Look
Headband: Primark

Has everyone seen the lovely article on fat fashion blogs in the Guardian? Check it out here. Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too!, Young Fat & Fabulous, Musings of a Fatshionista, Forays in Fatshion, Fatshionable, The Manfattan Project, Fatshionista, and Frocks & Frou Frou are all featured, photographed and/or interviewed. It’s so great, well done ladies! I have to say I’m pretty jealous – I bloody LOVE Kira Cochrane!

It’s so cool that there are incredible fashionable, stylish plus sized blogs popping up all over the net now. I try and add them all to my links but can barely keep up! So if you have a blog and I’ve forgotten to link you then badger me and I’ll make sure to add you. You’re all completely inspirational. Kiss Kiss!