Hellooooo! Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve had a million things I needed to do and none were blog related, alas. But I’m here now!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the designer collaboration between Clements Ribiero (famed for producing a lot of Adele’s red carpet wear) and Evans launched online a week ago, and then in selected stores  from Monday. I always love an opportunity to try things on so I went down to Marble Arch along with Em to try things out – you can see Em’s two incredibly in depth reviews here: Part One and Part Two. What’s great is that we both have such different bodies – I guess if you were to go by Evans’ shape sheet, she’s a busty and I’m a pear. There’s also a height difference which will be important later…

Before the photos, I’ll answer some of the questions I’ve been asked most and get those out of the way.

  • Do you like the range? Yes! I understand it’s not “edgy” or anything, it’s a very specific look: 1940’s tea party. But that happens to be one of my favourite looks ever, so yes I loved it. Of course there are items I wouldn’t have touched with a bargepole (Although Angela makes me regret not trying the Joan as she looks so lovely in her post!) but you find that with every shop, every range.
  • Do you think the collection is worth the money? Yes, actually. I do. Yes it’d be lovely if the dresses were a tenner, but you’re paying a higher price point for the name – and the cut and tailoring was far more intricate than what you find in Evans’ main range. They are investment pieces, you know? There is a slight niggle though, which you’ll see below…
  • Were the items true to size? I know Em had problems with the fit and kept having to swap sizes, however for me I found them pretty consistent with Evans’ sizing. In the fitted dresses I took a 20 and they were pretty much bang on. I’m guessing this is because I have small breasts? And in the trousers I was a 22/22-24.
  • Were there any disappointments? The biggest issue for me was the length of the dresses. I’m only diddy, and when even taller women were saying in the dressing room that they would have to hem the dresses I guessed they’d be far too long. I’d have to have hacked off at least 8 inches for them to look right. However, I’d definitely do it although when it comes to the cost, having to pay more for a dress and then alter it is quite unfortunate.
  • Is it better than the Beth Ditto ranges? Nah – Beth’s my homegirl, nothing could compare!

On to the photos! Blurry phone ones, I’m afraid – turns out my camera had no battery. Silly me!

iphone 044

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Swallow” coat, size 20

Hubba hubba. This was perfect. I love the way it’s tailored so it is like a large cocoon. It really reminded me of Jil Sander actually, which is awesome. This came home with me, although by some horrible financial twist of fate I may have to return it, alas.

iphone 046

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Peggy” dress, size 20

Sorry for the blurriness! This was my favourite dress from the promo shots. I loved the shape, despite it being a tea dress the shoulder pads lend an air of sauce. I would have to hem it significantly and pin the bust (I couldn’t fill it as well as Em!), but it was beautiful. It really made me look curvy, which is new!

iphone 052

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Betty” dress, size 20

This is the dress based on one of the design duo’s custom makes for Adele.  You can also see Nicolette looking fabulous in it. Again, it’s a beautiful shape, with a fitted waistband that really pulls you in. As well as the tailoring, it was fully lined and the fabric was a lovely broderie anglaise, 100% cotton. Because I have a smaller chest the high neckline worked like a dream. The biggest problem was again the length, it would have to be hemmed.

iphone 054

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “21” dress, size 22

I accidentally took a size 22 in the dressing room, and it was far too big. I tried an 18 but that was too tight and there were no 20s left, alas! This was another favourite from the promo shots – the neckline and lace inserts reminded me of the latest Erdem collection. However it didn’t suit me very well at all which made me very sad!

iphone 056

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Joan” dress size 20

Another dress I loved from the previews – Diana looked absolutely stunning in it – and named after Joan from Mad Men and definitely cut for a woman of her dimensions! This didn’t work on me but I maintain the dress is an absolute show stopper. Gorgeous.

Talking of not quite working…

iphone 058

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Diana” blouse (size 20) and pansy print crepe trousers (size 22)

Not reeeeally a good look on me, haha. I felt like a modern Andy Pandy! I will talk about the top later – the trousers were a really nice cut, I have to say. I couldn’t rock them as they’re much too long and hemming them would take away their shape, but if you’re over 5’5″ then I think these would be awesome. (Tiffany, I implore you to buy!) The fabric doesn’t give, but the back waistband is elasticated so it’s an easy fit.

iphone 062

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans matchstick print lounge pants, size 20

Lounge is definitely a keyword, here. They’re made from silky nylon with a fully elasticated waistband so they’re super comfortable. I don’t think the cut came across very well on my short legged-frame, so I’m going to link you to two beauties who were able to pull these off: Bethany and Amy. Gorgeous!

iphone 061

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans pansy print “Diana” blouse, size 20

I will admit the blouses didn’t take my fancy in the promo shots, however on I thought they were gorgeous. This pansy one especially I loved and very nearly bought! I think it’d look fab tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt, or worn loose over a black mini.

iphone 064

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans heart print “Diana” blouse, size 20

Again, no complaints about this at all, I loved it. I have to say, I almost wish these tops were longer so I could’ve worn them as tunic dresses! Typical, eh? But I would still buy if I had the money!

iphone 067

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans heart print “Betty” dress, size 20

The same cut as the black version, however in a different fabric. If you remember the Beth Ditto polka dot dress, this (and the pansy print items) are in the same material. Again I would have to hem the bottom quite a lot, and I did notice that unlike the black version there was a lot more room in the bust – even Em had some space!

iphone 069

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Adele” shift dress, size 20

Finally here’s Em and I in the same dress – I think we can all agree it looks far better on her than myself!

PHEW! What do you think, peeps? Have you bought anything from the range? I hope this helped. I really loved most of what I tried on, but I would recommend the Joan dresses if you have a large bust, the Betty dresses if you have a smaller bust, and that they work best on the taller amongst you.

Apparently there are at least two more collaborations in the pipeline, which is very exciting.

  • http://twitter.com/theavantguard Kim Selling

    your hair looks aaaaaaaadorable

    [as for the clothes, i’m not impressed — but what else is new with my mild love/hate relationship with evans…]

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Aww thanks lady. Yeah the collection’s not very Kim at all! :) xx

  • http://blog.kathastrophal.de Katha Strophe

    I think the coat looks amazing on you, I hope you don’t have to return it. The length is perfect for you!

    I really like some of the pieces, the prints are so cute… I’d love to get my hands on the heart print “Betty” dress, but it’s out of my price range right now.

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Thanks Katha! Yeah it’s a shame but you never know, there might be offers at some point :) x

  • theoceantheocean

    I think that the swallow coat works really well on you!!! I looks kind of unflattering on the webite but I kind of wish I would have ordered it. Do not return it – it is totally dreamy on you! And I love the “Peggy Dress”. Pretty lady, pretty dress.

    I really like the collection but I buy into the whole vintage trend. However, I don´t get the pants. Yeah, some ladies might pull it off but it really looks like pyjama/yoga pants to me. I think that the dresses are the highlights of the collection.

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Aww thank you! I think the dresses are my fave part of the collection, they always are! I like the blouses too. xx

  • Bigboldfashion

    I ordered the matchstick trousers too! I ordered a 16 and 18 (as i’m size 16/18 in everything) but found them both too big. Have ordered a 14 but reckon it’ll come up with a massive camel toe. Sigh. I HOPE you bought the Peggy dress. Looks divine on you!!!

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Oh no that’s such a shame! Hope the 14 is cameltoe free :D x

  • Tracey B

    Great piece on the range. I think CR have really tried to think about different body types (height maybe not so much). I hope you don’t have to take the coat back. It’s beautiful on you. xXx

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Thanks Tracey :) Hoping I can ride out my financial woes without returning it, haha. My quip about forfeiting food has actually come true!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    You know, after seeing you and Em in the coat, I really love it! I didn’t really like it on the look of it on the Evans site. The matching blouse and trousers together make them look like a cross between PJ’s and Scrubs! I think you look really amazing in the black dress. Did you end up buying anything?

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      I love the coat. It’s just great – that’s what I ended up buying! x

  • http://www.bloggingforjoy.com/ Bloggingforjoy

    Really gorgeous. The Swallow coat looks adorable!

    I’d like to buy ALL the dresses!

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      I think you’d look fab in them all, Joy! x

  • Bethamint

    i love how the tops look like short dresses on you! (they would on me too) Those look so cute!

  • http://twitter.com/fresheima Katrin

    I loooove the blouses on you, they would look so cute with just a short and tight tube skirt. I wasn’t that amazed bei the collection in the promo, but I love seeing them on you and Em. But you are right, they have quite a difficult length.

  • http://twitter.com/sarascribblings Sara Hook

    See, this is why I love bloggers, it means I can get a great idea of what stuff looks like without trying it on – fab! I have to say, being a similar shape albeit not height to you, it made me see somethings I’m lusting after in a different light – Red dress, I’m talking about you!!

    But I adored your review, and its made me want to go try the collection on even more than I did do!

  • http://twitter.com/Jwoz74 Jennifer Wozniak

    “Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Betty” dress, size 20”

    I agree with the length, other than that, it’s really cute on you, very “Mad Men” vibe. :)

  • http://www.deliberatewhimsy.weebly.com/ Liz

    I realize I’m a bit late here, but I’ve been lurking about your blog for a few weeks now, checking out all your cute outfits, and finally decided to comment…specifically about the red Joan dress. :-) I hadn’t heard of Evans until I came across your blog, and now after visiting their site, I love quite a few of their dresses. Especially the red Joan dress. But it looks different in every picture I see of it. Is it fire engine red? Or more rusty/orangey? I’m hoping for the latter…And I’m also hoping you’re shorter than my height of 5’4″ because those sleeves and length are quite long, and I’m not one to get things altered…though it may be time to start investing in that.

    – Liz