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Anywho. Two new plus size fashion stores have emerged in the past couple of weeks. Hooray, more shopping choice!

It seems Arcadia have realised the market potential in contemporary and highly fashionable clothes in plus sizes. Enter Style369:


Xtina of Musings… stumbled across this and their press release last week – it’s all very much in the fledgling stages, and the only items available on the site are lifted straight from Evans. It’s being touted as a rival to ASOS Curve and someone called it a potential “fat girls’ Topshop” (OMG PLEASE). Being my shallow self, I am super impressed by the website’s design and photography – it’s given me high hopes. I also really like their Style Projects page which contains tidbits, links to a blog, twitter, facebook etc (they seem to want to maintain a strong social media presence) as well as a denim guide, lookbook and must-have items. Apart from the denim guide being full of “figure flattery” speak, it’s all quite promising. Don’t let me down, yo!

I’ve also recently been alerted to the new contemporary offshoot of women’s brand ChescaChesca Now, available in sizes UK14 – UK24


I must admit I wasn’t previously aware of Chesca, let alone this new division, but I am very pleased it’s come to my attention! The lookbook shots are sumptuous, although going through what’s on offer I feel that overall the look is a little more mature than my tastes currently allow. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing – in fact, they remind me of the likes of Monsoon, Anna Scholz, or the likes of Igigi and B&Lu across the pond, providing luxurious and high quality occasionwear. I can definitely see myself investing in one of their dresses or ensembles for something really special.

One question for both, though: what is so impossible about making clothing above UK24 – UK26? There are women out there willing to pay you lots of money for fashion in their sizes!

  • http://musingsofafatshionista.com christina

    i love the black jumpsuit from chesca!

    as far as style369, i’m looking forward to their official launch and am hoping that arcadia comes through for us!

  • http://www.crumbsfordinner.com grania

    i think chesca is dom’s dad’s company. he used to do the web design for them years ago!

  • http://www.chescanow.com jacqui

    it is Dom’s Dad’s co-and his mum’s!!!
    He used to do the website-now in the capable hands of his younger brother. Trying to keep it contempoary, in line with the profile of katie, our model, aged 23!!!

  • http://boombands.blogspot.com Em

    I have seen Chesca in John Lewis, maybe? Or Debenhams. It was expensive! But this range and these photos look amazing. Great share Lauren. And seriously – when I am off this film (it is seriously almost ALL I do), we need to do a London style and design Date. xxx.
    I agree also, that the ranges need to go bigger. I am lucky – while I don’t shop in straight size stores almost EVER, I could get in there and have a look if I wanted to… One of my sisters though, who is GORGEOUS – could not feasibly dress from straight size stores. She hits the higher demographics of this range, but I know how hard it is for her to get sizes and clothes. I feel dismayed that so many of these plus size places stop at this 26 mark.